NUMECA offers a wide variety of programs to students, researchers, teachers and academic departments. 


Are you a student looking for one-free-seat of OMNIS™/Open-DBS with OpenLabs™, OMNIS™/AutoGrid, OMNIS™ and/or FINE™/Marine for your school/university project, internship or thesis?

Free student offer



Are you a teacher or researcher looking for more seats and cores from our comprehensive turbomachinery, marine and multiphysics environment, including our complete meshing range?

For teachers and researchers


Sponsoring the future

NUMECA is proud to be partner and sponsor of universities, high schools and research centres for innovative projects, enabling students to learn hands-on, to solve complex engineering problems and to create state-of-the-art designs.


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Detailed Information

membership classroom R&D* multiphysics
products OMNIS™/Open-DBS with OpenLabs™ and OMNIS™/AutoGrid OMNIS™/Turbo or
FINE™/Marine or
FSI and/or
OMNIS™/Turbo R&D and
FINE™/Marine R&D

OMNIS™/ Hexpress

# seats 1 As many seats and solver cores as needed within the department 20 1 1
# solver cores/ seat 4 2 64 64
hotline support

* R&D licenses for OMNIS™/Turbo, FINE™/Marine and Multiphysics include the academic membership for free.
This academic offer is strictly restricted to academic use for research and education. The licensed programs shall not be used for consulting activities or in a service bureau or network type operation, that is directly or indirectly competitive with services available for commercial service organizations. Work performed with the academic licenses should not be of proprietary nature and hence may be publicly shared or published.


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